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The story started with natural yeast, sourdough, levain, whatever you want to call it. When we realised what some fermented flour and water can do, we did not hesitate a second.

We opened the bakery that makes bread with natural yeast.

Natural yeast technology is a by-product of nature. We decided to use our knowledge of natural yeast, fermentation and grain quality in bread production. The most demanding type of bakery from the technological aspect, yet also the most beautiful.

Our team includes people who are primarily baking enthusiasts, people who, irrespective of their totally different professional orientations and life stories, chose to dedicate themselves to their passion. We are primarily striving to use this love and inspiration in our recipes and share them with you.

Bread Club is an ever evolving vision that strives towards quality, learning, a change of culturological eating habits, dedication and work.

Anamaria, Andrija, Darko i Zrinka

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