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Croissant Honeycomb


Perfectly balanced sweets. With an emphasis on the complexity of taste.
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Croissant, Cruffin, Cookie, Danish pastry

Timing and speed of production in individual stages of production, adjusting temperature, stimulating or stopping fermentation, developing taste, using mixing, lamination and shaping techniques, listening to dough, and top ingredients and rich creams of their own making – form an integral part of our pastry creations. And that is precisely why each of them is unique.


All our pastry products are based on a mixture of sour dough starter and yeast or baking powder. The starter gives the dough freshness, product longevity and flavour complexity. The guarantee of quality therefore lies not only in the origin of the food but also in the rich layering.




The uniqueness of our pastry products comes from lamination, a popular technique modelled on the traditional French method, which produces the characteristic flaking of dough in Croissant, Cruffin, Pain au chocolat and Danish pastry. This unique technique creates 24 layers of dough in a way that the butter is placed on the cooled and rolled dough, and four (book) and single (letter) folding and rolling techniques create a recognizable structure of our products. The dough is then put to rest at a temperature of -10 °C which leads to the relaxation of gluten and preparation for further processing and fermentation.

Four fold

The ends of the dough are folded so that they touch in the middle and then the dough is folded once more, like a booklet.

Single fold

The dough is folded in two parts towards the middle, each by a third, like an envelope.

Time, expertise and dexterity play the most important role in the whole process so that the butter does not melt and absorb into the dough when processing and rolling the dough to a thickness of 4 mm.

Lamination creates an airy texture of dough and butter, which by heat treatment gives a honeycomb structure with a richer volume and crunchy layers, while creams in our own creation create a perfect fusion and fusion of dough and filling flavours.


Creams in home production

Rich fullness, light and silky texture, with an explosion of taste – our creams make an ideal complement to the texture of the dough, which in itself dictates the characteristic taste of pastry desserts.


Ganache, Namelaka, confectionery creams and praline paste are the main components of our creams. The main ingredient in most of our creams is the world's finest chocolate made by Callebau from Belgium.




"uffin" -muffin

This unusual twist in flavours consists of ingredients such as Tonka (South American spice of versatile aroma with emphasis on vanilla and caramel), cloves, cinnamon or nutmeg, elderberry or sage flower syrup, olive oil, lemon – depending on the seasonal offer.

They are to be found in croissant, twice baked croissant, cruffin, muffin.



is cookie

In our version of everyone's favourite cookies, you get real lava pleasure. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside – it erupts like lava when you break it off. The secret is in the short baking at a high temperature of pre-frozen dough, which gives a golden-brown colour on the outside, while at the same time the inside is thermally processed at 60 ˚C.


There are three versions in the offer: dark chocolate and walnut, white chocolate and matcha, oatmeal with hazelnuts. The base of oats consists of toasted oats, which are finely ground and combined with toasted and coarsely ground hazelnuts, which make up 60 to 70% of the total dough weight. Other cookies, in addition to standard flour and ingredients such as eggs, salt, a minimum amount of brown sugar, milk, and a high content of butter, have additional ingredients listed in the name of a cookie.

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